Mingo Music's Annual Guitar Show & Sale- A Look Back


Humble beginnings- We wanted to expose people to new stuff that they hadn't seen, and deals they hadn't seen either! 



We crammed a lot into one large room, and other than the smell of chlorine from the pool, the show was very well received.  People were already asking when the next one was- we barely survived this one!

Wow! Two rooms- this allowed for bigger displays.  We're moving up.

Dan Doiron doing a great job demo'ing some BOSS recording gear.


Everyone was excited to see Gibson make an appearance.


Two bigger rooms!  Even bigger displays, and even more people.



Local artist Duane Leblanc and his wife Rene from www.leblancdesigns.com made an appearance. Duane's done some great murals and T-shirts for us.



Our first "special guest"- Richard Gilewitz from Tacoma Guitars did some great playing, and everyone loved his talent and humor. Thanks Tacoma!



By now the Gibson displays are getting massive...but we don't mind.  Three rooms, so there's lots of space for lots of guitars.



Even while taking some time off, Dan Doiron still showed up for great demos at the Roland and BOSS display.  He's a trooper.



Guitar Royalty- we had the huge honor of having Robert Godin make a special trip from Montreal JUST to visit us.  He talked about guitar-making to a full house on Friday night, and stayed for pictures and autographs later. What a guy.



Dan Doiron from Roland knocked 'em dead on Friday night.  Always fun to watch, he can really show you what Roland and BOSS are capable of.



More space, bigger displays, better deals, bigger crowds.  What fun!



The three rooms are in full swing now, and people really have a great opportunity to try and buy some amazing gear.


Every musician wants to see their name on the marquee!


A very anxious crowd waiting for the doors to open.


This was the view of the Tanglewood booth all day- crowds trying to decide which of these amazing guitars they liked best.  Decisions, decisions...


Didn't believe us?  Somewhere in the crowd Dan is doing a demo- was it the amazing new ME-25 guitar processor?  The amazing VE-20 vocal processor?  One of the BOSS portable studios at great prices?  One of our top-selling Roland Cube amps? Yes- all of the above!


The only picture of Roland's Dan Doiron.  Why?  Because he was sooo busy, we couldn't get the camera pointed at him fast enough.


Bumper to bumper Fenders (get it?)  Left to right: Classic Series '50s Tele; Classic Series '60s Strat; Deluxe Players Strat; Road Worn '50s Strat; Deluxe Lone Star Strat; Acoustasonic Tele; Standard Strat


Hmm- Hot for Teacher?  Ring of Fire?  Hot Legs?  What song would sound best on this limited edition Les Paul?


The master with a master: Master picker JP Cormier with a Tanglewood Master Design.  This might explain some of the crowds...


Crazy Dave's Yard Sale has become a hit at the last few shows.  Unbelievable deals on some great instruments.


A sweet display of Walden acoustics.  These are great guitars for the money (actually, they should cost more!)